How to Finance Land

How to Finance Land

How to finance land is a question often asked from buyers that are looking to buy Missouri Land. Buying land can seem a little more challenging in terms of financing options. Depending on the land use can determine what financing is best. Purchasing land for different uses will have different financing programs and options, for example, recreational land and farmland will have different loan options. We suggest researching and comparing options from different lenders. As a consequence of researching multiple programs and lenders, buyers are able to find the best options available for their circumstances. For land loans, check with local lenders, niche market leaders, state and federal loan programs and offers as well as the contract for deed options.

How to Buy Land with Local Lenders

Local Lenders – Rural land loans might be easier to obtain within your local area, at local rural banks and credit unions.

How to Buy Land with Niche Lenders

Niche Market Lenders – Check with lenders that specialize in specific markets or niches. Check Recreational Land Loans, and or  Hunting Land Loan Options with specialized lenders.

State and Federal Land Loan Programs

Check for Federal and State Loan Programs for Land Purchasing – View Missouri Beginning Farmer Loans. Learn about Farm Residence Loans for Veterans. View Farm Service Agency Farm Ownership Loans and  USDA Farm Loans Programs

Contract for Deed Financing

Owner Financing – Land is sometimes available to purchase with owner financing known as Contract for Deed. We suggest contacting your attorney regarding any contract for deed contracts prior to moving forward.

Disclaimer: Links above are provided for informational purchases only for those wanting to learn about resources for how to buy land and how to finance land. To clarify, links are not provided as recommendations or endorsements but rather for informational purposes.

Firstly, we suggest building a list of possible lenders and financing options. Secondly, after building a list, compare programs, evaluate rates, and offers, moreover, thoroughly evaluate with comparison and contrast. Thirdly, evaluate the needs of the program requirements to examine options for down payments or collateral needed. Certainly and very important, when considering a contract for deed option, speak with your attorney regarding the contract.  In summary, make a list of programs, lenders, rates, options, needs, and then compare and contrast to find the best options for your situation.

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