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Ozark County Missouri Information

Ozark County Missouri is the most populated county of the Ozarks Missouri Counties covered through our site. Information for Ozark County Missouri is provided below as a resource for those looking to relocate or invest in the area as well as to be a resource for the community. We will continue to add properties as well as information for Howell County Missouri to our site. Real Estate for sale is available. As a hub of business for the area, real estate is in high demand. Both land and homes for sale in Ozark County are in high demand. Properties are going fast at this time due to market demand. We need Ozark County Missouri Real Estate listings to meet this high demand! If you are ready to sell property in Ozark County Missouri, email King@OzarksMissouriRealEstate.com for an Ozark County Missouri Property Valuation today.


Ozark County is located on the Southern Border. It is surrounded by Missouri counties of  Taney, Christian, Douglas, and Howell, Arkansas Counties of Marion, Baxter and Fulton. The county spans 744.97 square miles. The county is home to several state conservation areas. Additionally, there are many areas in the county across the Mark Twain National Forest for recreational opportunities.


Ozark county is home to thirteen Missouri state conservation areas. Many of the state conservation areas in the county offer hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping opportunities to name a few. Because horseback riding is a hobby to many in Ozark County, we wanted to share that trails are available in the Caney Mountain Conservation Area in Ozark County. Additionally, more trails are available, just a short drive away, in the nearby counties of Howell, Texas, and Shannon.  There are state conservation areas offering trails for horseback riding all through the Missouri Ozarks Counties. Please see the county information pages for more information on those areas. In addition,  residents of Ozark County are able to enjoy public land access to federal lands as well in the Mark Twain National Forest.


According to the US Census, Ozark County has a population of over 9,174, with a population density of 13.1 per square mile. The population percentage under the age of 18 is 19.2percent. The population percentage age 65 and over is 29.3 percent.


Due to the large geographic size and large youth population, Ozark County has many school districts in the area. The county has many schools to meet the educational needs of children in the area. Furthermore, the county has five public school districts to serve the region. The population percentage of youth under the age of 18 is 19.2 percent. This population information is according to the 2019 census.

School Districts are Lutie R-VI, Thornfield R-I, Gainesville R-V, Dora R-III, and Bakersfield R-IV.

After graduating high school, Ozark County has continued educational opportunities. Continued college educational opportunities are available through the Southwest Baptist University Mountain View Campus in the neighboring county of Howell. Additionally, the Missouri State University satellite campus is also available and located in West Plains In Howell County.  College of the Ozarks is in the neighboring county of Taney.


Career and employment resources and opportunities can be found in West Plains through the South Central Career Center, the Missouri Jobs Center.  Additionally, Penmac Staffing located in West Plains and Excel Temporary Staffic located in Mountain View Missouri offer temporary employment opportunities.  In addition to temporary employment, temp-to-hire opportunities are often available as well.

Ozark County Business

Ozark County Missouri has one Chamber of Commerce Office location which is the Theodosia Chamber of Commerce, The office is located in Theodosia Missouri. The total employer establishments of Ozark County according to the census as of 2019 are 161, while total non-employer establishments as of 2018 are 796.

Ozark County Missouri Real Estate

Due to Ozark County being a very large and highly populated region in the area, Ozark County Missouri Real Estate is in high demand. As a result of demand,  Ozark County properties, including both land and homes, are selling fast.  If you are looking to invest or relocate to Ozark County Missouri and need assistance in locating properties to meet your needs, or if you are considering selling property and need a property valuation, moreover any real estate services for Ozark County, please reach out to Ozark County Missouri Real Estate Agent Christy King .