Ozarks Missouri Information

Missouri Ozarks Information

Ozarks Missouri Information section of our site is provided to answer some frequently asked questions regarding Missouri Ozarks. Our goal is that the information provided is useful to those that are wanting to learn more about our area. Additionally, we aim to provide resources for real estate sellers and buyers, and moreover a resource tool and portal for the Missouri Ozarks Community.  View Missouri Ozarks Information and Population by County, in addition to Missouri Ozarks Land areas.

Missouri Ozarks Locations

The featured areas of focus for the Ozarks Missouri Real Estate site cover the South Central Missouri counties of  Ozark, Douglas, Wright, Texas, Shannon Oregon, and Howell County Missouri. The Missouri Ozarks counties features are located in south central Missouri.   The areas are home to several Missouri State Conservation areas for outdoor enjoyment. As a result of the numerous conservation areas in the Missouri Ozarks, residents are able to take advantage of many outdoor activities, such as hunting, fishing, trail riding, kayaking, and more. The geographic location offers many great hunting and fishing opportunities for sportsmen, in addition to great spots for outdoor activities such as camping and horseback riding, off-roading and more.

Missouri Ozarks Geography

The Ozarks Missouri Regions featured here are counties of Ozark, Douglas, Wright, Texas, Shannon, Oregon, and Howell County. Below, we have provided data regarding the Missouri Ozarks land geography of counties with population density per square mile according to the US Census.

Ozark County Missouri spans 744.97 square miles with a population of 13.1 per square mile. Douglas County Missouri spans 813.63 square miles with a population of 16.8 per square mile. Wright County Missouri spans 681.77 square miles with a population of 27.6 per square mile. Texas County Missouri spans 1177.27 square miles with a population of 22.1 per square mile. Shannon County Missouri spans 1003.82 square miles with a population of 8.4 per square mile. Oregon County Missouri spans 789.8 square miles with a population of 13.8 per square mile. Howell County Missouri spans 927.25 square miles with a population of 43.6 per square mile. Howell County Missouri is the most densely populated of the featured counties and is central to the outskirting counties listed.

Ozarks MO CountiesSquare Miles of Land via 2010 US CensusPopulation Per Square Mile via 2010 US Census
Douglas County MO813.6316.8
Wright County MO681.7727.6
Texas County MO1177.2722.1
Shannon County MO1003.828.4
Oregon County MO789.813.8
Howell County MO927.2543.6
Ozark County MO744.9713.1

Missouri Ozarks Population Information

The counties of focus on this site are Ozark, Douglas, Wright, Texas, Shannon, Oregon, and Howell in the Ozarks Missouri Region.  View the Ozarks Missouri Population Table Below for an overview of population data by county according to the US Census.

Ozarks Missouri Population Information by County

Ozarks MO CountiesPopulation via 2019 US CensusPopulation Percentage Per Square Mile via 2010 US CensusPopulation Percentage under Age 18 via 2019 US CensusPopulation Percentage Age 65 and older via 2019 US Census
Douglas County MO13,18516.822.1 percent24.9 percent
Wright County MO18,28927.625.7 percent19.6 percent
Texas County MO25,39822.121.3 percent21.5 percent
Shannon County MO8,1668.421.3 percent22.6 percent
Oregon County MO10,52913.822.4 percent23.7 percent
Howell County MO40,11743.623.9 percent20.1 percent
Ozark County MO9,17413.119.2 percent29.3 percent

Missouri Ozarks Weather

Due to the Ozarks of Missouri getting all four seasons, residents enjoy a variety of recreational activities throughout the year.

Spring in the Missouri Ozarks is not only beautiful but extremely enjoyable for outdoor activities with spring breezes and comfortable temperatures with low humidity. Spring brings in the rain resulting in good fertile grounds. It can get rather windy from time to time.

Missouri Ozark Summers can be hot and humid. The summers can be humid and hot. Local farmers grow and sell watermelons and cantaloupes in July which are a treat on the hot summer days.

Fall is a beautiful time of year when the leaves across the mountains begin changing a variety of colors. Hunting is good in mid-fall after the temperatures drop. Early season fall can still feel like summer weather with high temps.

However, hunters that are desire wildlife to traffic their areas in the winter months of December and January should consider getting food plots in early. Due to cold weather, the food sources for wildlife become scarce, resulting in the wildlife moving in order to find food. In summary, the Missouri Ozarks offer the joys of multiple seasons, yes even snowy days,  however, mother nature can be fierce. Due to spring fierce winds, we recommend considering not parking under trees.