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Property Selling Resources

Property Selling Resources are available. View the seller resource topics about property values, curb appeal improvements, getting a home ready to sell and more. Please continue to check back on this page as we will be adding additional seller resources.

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Get Market Value

Considerations for Pricing Your Property – Gathering information on the current area market and the history of sales on similar properties before you determine your asking price to sell property is important. Because lenders require appraisals, properties priced within the value opinion of the appraiser are more likely to provide buyers with financing options, moreover options to purchase with financing.  Due to many potential buyers that use finance options, pricing the properties at market value can widen the potential buyer interest level, furthermore creating more demand for the property.  The property value opinion by the licensed appraiser provides the lender with peace of mind in knowing that the property value is adequate for the loan amount.

A Comparable Market Analysis is a report created by a licensed real estate agent. The CMA report provides information about similar recently sold properties in the area. Additionally, the report provides data about properties currently listed, and then properties which are recently expired without being sold.  In summary, this report provides information on the current market in the area of similar properties.   View the Property Selling Resources Section on Determining Property Values.

Curb Appeal Improvements

Improve Curb Appeal  – Curb appeal is the visual presentation your property provides from the road! It is the first impression of your property and attributes to whether or not people will want to come in to see more! Properties that aren’t aesthetically pleasing from the outside might not have as many potential interested viewers. There are several things property owners can do to improve curb appeal on a budget.  Firstly, the removal of clutter from the outside exterior is important. Secondly, a good old fashion washing of the exterior, including the siding, roof, porch, and concrete, helps tremendously in presenting the property as clean and maintained! Thirdly, lawn care and landscaping do wonders in creating the impression of a neat and maintained appearance.  Presenting properties well taken care of is important. View more about Affordable Curb Appeal Ideas