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Real Estate Buyers Agent tools, resources, and articles are provided below by Missouri Real Estate Agent Christy King to help those considering or getting ready to purchase real estate. Please view real estate resource topics below and click on individual real estate articles for more details.  Learn about Real Estate Financing Options, Government Back Mortgages, VA Home Loans, FHA Loans. Find resources available for learning how to buy a house or how to buy land.  Learn what a home inspection is. Find out how and when to get pre-qualified for a mortgage. Connect with us about Real Estate Buyers Agent Services available. Real Estate Buyers Agents are hired by the buyer to provide Real Estate Agent Services on their behalf. That means they work for the buyer to represent the buyers’ interest in the real estate transaction.

Real Estate Financing

Real Estate Financing options are plentiful, from conventional loans to government back mortgages, and more. Learn the differences between adjustable-rate mortgages and fixed rates mortgages to determine which option is best for you.

Government Backed Mortgages

Government Backed Mortgages offer a great opportunity for buyers to purchase real estate with little to no down payment options. Government-backed mortgages often used by buyers are VA Home Loans and FHA Loans. Learn which loan option might be available and best for your next real estate purchase.

VA Home Loans

VA Home Loans are Government Back Mortgages to help Veterans to purchase homes with no payment. The Government guarantees the loans in which the lender provides. Homes purchased with VA Home Loans must pass home inspection.  Learn how to get a VA Home Loan to get your VA Certificate of Eligibility.  Find options for how to use your VA Home for primary residence and if you can use the VA home loan more than once.

FHA Loans

FHA Loans are loans by the Federal Housing Administration. An FHA Loan is a Government Backed Mortgage similar to the VA Loan, however, FHA loans do require a down payment. The down payment for the FHA Loan however is much smaller than what the down payment using a conventional home loan would be.  The FHA insures the loan, which helps home buyers to qualify, have low down payments, low closing costs, and easier loan qualification.

How to Buy a House

If are asking yourself how to buy a house or how to buy land but don’t know where to start, we are here to help.  Buying a house as a primary residence is oftentimes easier to get financing. Buying a house as an investment property or vacation home could require different loan types. If using real estate financing to purchase a house, speak with your lenders about what loan options they offer for your specific circumstance.

How to Buy Land

Buying land can seem a little more challenging in terms of financing options. Depending on the land use can determine what financing is best. Purchasing land for different uses will have different financing programs and options, for example, recreational land and farmland will have different loan options. We suggest researching and comparing options from different lenders. As a consequence of researching multiple programs and lenders, buyers are able to find the best options available for their circumstances.

Local Lenders – Rural land loans might be easier to obtain within your local area, at local rural banks and credit unions.

Niche Market Lenders – Check with lenders that specialize in specific markets or niches. Check Recreational Land Loans, and or  Hunting Land Loan Options with specialized lenders.

Check for Federal and State Loan Programs for Land Purchasing – View Missouri Beginning Farmer Loans. Learn about Farm Residence Loans for Veterans. View Farm Service Agency Farm Ownership Loans and  USDA Farm Loans Programs

Owner Financing – Land is sometimes available to purchase with owner financing known as Contract for Deed. We suggest contacting your attorney regarding any contract for deed contracts prior to moving forward.

Disclaimer: Links above are provided for informational purchases. We suggest building a list of possible lenders and financing options and then comparing programs, rates, and offers, moreover, thoroughly evaluating with comparison and contrast.

Home Inspection

Home inspections may be required when using real estate financing, however, are a good idea when buying a home regardless of the real estate financing options and even when buying outright. A home inspection will provide buyers with information that might not be seen with the eye and can save buyers money in unknown costly repairs. Home inspections by qualified home inspectors help to identify issues with the condition of the home that could affect value. The results of the home inspection can help to determine the home value as well as provide items for negotiation in the home buying process. Some loan types will require a home inspection in order to fund the loan.

Real Estate Buyers Agent Services

Real Estate Buyers Agent Services are available with Missouri Real Estate Agent Christy King. Buyers Agents help to locate properties to meet the buyers’ needs. In addition to accessing more properties, buyers’ agents research properties of interest and identify red flags. Buyers agents coordinate showings as well as act as a filter from the emotion of the seller. Buyers’ agents understand the local real estate market. As a result, buyers learn the market value of properties of interest. Consequently, buyers are then able to submit offers based on market value, moreover the current market value. As a result, the offers are more likely to be accepted by the seller. Additionally, buyers’ agents help sellers in the negotiation process. Buyers’ Agents represent the Buyers’ Interest in the real estate transaction, while Sellers’ Agents represent the Sellers’ Interest.  In summary, a buyers’ agent works on behalf of the buyer.

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